editorial board

Grigoriev E.G. (Irkutsk) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Director of the Scientific Center of Reconstructive and Restorative Surgery SB RAMS. Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery, Medical University IGMU Russian Ministry of Health, Corresponding member of RAMS.


Maev I.V. (Moscow) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, head of Chair propaedeutics and gastroenterology, first vice-rector of Moscow State Medical University Medical and Dental University. Director of the department of municipal personnel policy and obrzovaniya MoH. Corresponding member of RAMS.


Martynov A.I. (Moscow) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, head of the Department of Therapy. President of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians (RNMOT). RAMS .


Khatkov I.E. (Moscow) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, director of the Moscow Clinical Research Center, Department of Health, Moscow (IDPC) (TSNIIG).


Shestakov M.V. (Moscow) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Director of Institute of Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center FGBI. Corresponding Member RAMS.



Bakhramov S.M. (Tashkent) - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honored Doctor of Uzbekistan Republic, Academician of the Russian and New York Academies of Medical Sciences, awarded with a title «Honored Doctor of Uzbekistan Republic», an Order «Sign of Honor», Letters of Commendation of Uzbekistan Republic, domestic and foreign medals.